Our Products
Copper Phthalocyanine Blue
Crude Copper Phthalocyanine is
produced by condensing phthalic
anhydride, Cuprous Chloride and Urea in presence of
Molybdate as a catalyst.
Pigment Alpha Blue
Initially H2SO4 is charge in the reactor and start the cooling up to room temperature by raw water circulation. Then CPC crude is charge slowly in the reactor and stirring it. 1 st washing water previous batch is recycling and takes in the MS rubber lined and brick line vessel. Then dumping the reaction mass in MS rubber lined and brick line vessel slowly.
Pigment Beta Blue

Crude CPC Blue is taken into Ball mill for grinding. Here the particle size of the material gets reduced. Then the grinded material is taken into the reactor with Caustic flakes. Caustic flakes are used to get alkaline pH. The alkaline pH results better dispersion of particles for pigmentation. The mass is refluxed for pigmentation. Here the color of the material gets enhanced due to fine turning with Xylene/IBA.

Pigment Green 7

In GLV first charge Aluminum Chloride & Sodium Chloride. Melt this by giving heat through thermic fluid heater after melting is taken place charge Copper Phthalocyanine Blue. This is main raw material for Green-7 product. Pass the chlorine gas with maintaining temperature between 160˚C to 190˚C temperature because this process is exothermic reaction and for that do the cooling through hytherm cooling system for maintaining temperature.

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